Myself and UFC lightweight Joe Lauzon

Everyone is starting to say MMA fighters are the best conditioned athletes on the planet. I grew up playing soccer and basketball, and believe me when I tell you, I couldn’t last 10 minutes the first time I attempted to train MMA.  I was hooked, I was addicted to the striking and submission aspect of the sport; but as for every sport, to be the best, you need to condition your body like the best.   But be aware, I ask you to do your due diligence with whatever you decide on buying. I didn’t at first and threw away hundreds of dollars on products that didn’t work as well as they claimed.

I am an undefeated amateur MMA Fighter and decided to create UFC Training because I have tried several MMA products, and I know what works and what doesn’t.  I am also part of the team at MMA Resolutions (one of the fastest growing MMA News sites)

If your goals are simply to lose weight, develop strength and improve stamina while getting into shape, MMA training drills will get you there.

This is just a reminder, this website is not owned by any male enhancement company. I am just sharing my personal experience and hopefully it guides and helps you make your decision that much easier.

More than half the battle is taking ACTION! To your success